With the calendar FINALLY flipping to 2021, everyone pretty much everywhere is seemingly breathing a HUGE sigh of relief. While we can’t have huge parties as usual to watch the ball drop and ring in the new year, we can still sing Auld Lang Syne with friends over Zoom and finally kick 2020 to the curb.

As 2020 has dragged on, we collectively have learned not just how to socially distance but conduct most of our interactions – both personal and business – entirely in a virtual fashion. With the latter, it has been a challenge for most company owners and managers to keep morale up for their employees. While the notion of ‘watercooler talk’ or an after-work happy hour can seem trivial, when everything is done via a screen those usual workweek touchstones can be sorely missed.

With the new year coming, there is a real opportunity to both reset and refresh and offer some new and exciting ways to aid employees. Utilizing these three simple ideas can bring a sense of excitement, engagement and encouragement to team members in this virtual, remote environment.

  1. Set simple, achievable, rewardable goals for the team

As 2020 threw everything into whack, many approaches to business had to be flipped. With schedules obviously changed and unfortunate happenings like budgets slashed, some strategies had to be reworked for many business owners. With employees under their care, it is paramount to offer expectations that are both deliverable and desirable. Providing motivation via goals is a great way to accomplish this. Asking for input for the employees and allow for their participation to dictate a possible reward is an excellent way to further this, having everyone on the same page and promoting a competitive, friendly and productive atmosphere. Whether it is a bonus, extra days off, a gift card or something small, offering something to an employee helps to both encourage top-notch work while also making sure that it is appreciated.

  1. Hosting a virtual event focused on FUN, not work

As cliché as it sounds, putting the FUN into functionality can go a long way in 2021. The dreary nature of forced isolation coupled with burnout from the same tasks done without any sort of social respite can be very taxing. While this is the ‘new normal’ you can also use it to your advantage in some ways. Hosting a virtual ‘happy hour’ where a manager sends each employee a pack of beer or a bottle of wine could be a great idea for camaraderie. The most important thing is to make sure that none of the focus is on work itself. One awesome option is to set up a Zoom or virtual event like hiring a comedian. Having a fun, lighthearted virtual call where a clean, corporate comedian comes in and entertains can be an excellent way to boost morale. It is both a safe and efficient way to host something that breaks the norm of spreadsheets and conference calls by hiring a comedian. Our site and excellent customer service can help to book a comedian at any price point to ensure that you can offer a fun day or night for your employees. Simply creating an environment where it can be relaxed and employees can have some laughs can go a long way.

  1. Positive vibes only!

Going hand-in-hand with an event like hiring a comedian, keeping a positive culture is key for a great 2021. Obviously, after the year that was 2020, this is not the easiest thing to do. But coming from the top in an encouraging, positive manner can go a very long way. Giving constant simple attaboys and affirmations to workers while always being intentional and firm with feedback is a great way to do this. Perhaps don’t be quick to tear down an employee and always look for an opportunity to build them up.

While these steps seem simple and straightforward in nature, they can go a long way to aiding the company’s productivity and outlook. While we may be biased about booking a comedian virtually, allowing for some new and fun ways to approach time at the office – while nobody is actually in the office is a solid way to make 2021 a huge improvement over 2020. Here’s to the new year and hopefully the happiness it can bring.


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