In this new era of interaction or lack of it, virtual meetings are at an all-time high. Services like Zoom, RingCentral, Webex, Google Hangouts and Microsoft Team have become the norm not just for office group meetings but for friends to share a drink or share a social event together.

We can now effectively share ideas and stay connecting without actually needing to be in the same room. However, this brings about new challenges as well. With so many possible outside distractions during an actual meeting, keeping everyone’s focus is harder than ever.

Dynamic event ideas and formats are now a must. These can engage attendees in creative ways and offer a way to truly leverage this new digital format to host the best possible virtual meeting.

Here are four great ways in which your next group meeting can benefit from offering a bit of virtual entertainment.

– Boosting the meeting’s perceived value

With the sheer amount of virtual meetings nowadays, it is easy to have yours get lost in the shuffle. Whether it is an employee logging on for their fourth of seven Zoom calls for that specific workday or a friend logging on for a ‘happy hour’ get together for the fifth straight week, positioning your event as valuable and meaningful is not always easy.

So, booking an act or speaker to headline or surprise your group can be a big win. If you do the former, it will build anticipation. If you do the latter, it will certainly make it memorable. Adding it someone like a virtual comedian, magician or keynote speaker can be a great way to accomplish this.

– Make it memorable

As we just said, adding in virtual entertainment can make your next online meeting a real standout experience. This will keep you and/or your company top of mind and also lead to others wanting to attend your next online workshop, webinar or meeting.

Hosting a virtual concert with a live band, sprinkling in an online cooking class or booking a virtual comedian can really increase the ‘wow factor’ and overall exposure of your meeting.

In particular, hiring a virtual comedian can really standout. Whether it is a corporate comedian for your next virtual business luncheon or picking a clean comedian for an online youth group retreat for your church, we can help you find the perfect act for your next event. We make the process of hiring a comedian simple and straightforward.

– Ensuring engagement

Let’s face it. We’ve all slogged through meetings – both in-person and virtual – where you are simply watching the clock tick by instead of actually paying attention. This is even more challenging when everyone is following along from their respective laptops and smartphones when they can easily glance at a nearby television or other distraction.

Even the best planned events can be a real dud if the audience is disinterested or not participating. Booking a virtual magic act or hiring a comedian that is interactive can ensure that engagement is high, leading to a great overall virtual event.

– Focus on the fun

You want to make sure that you’re virtual event is not just a run of the mill happening. Instead, bringing in virtual entertainment like a comedian, illusionist or another act will make sure that it is fun and engaging! This will really help you to set your event apart from the usual Zoom call that most of your employees or friends probably dread logging on for.

As we explained in the article, virtual meetings are not only an excellent tool but a necessity here in 2021. These four reasons explain why going the extra mile and adding virtual entertainment will really benefit the ambience, attention and overall appreciation of the meeting. Booking a virtual comedian, magic act or other entertainment option is a great way to accomplish this and ensure that your next online event really stands out.


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