After the year that was 2020, virtual events became all the rage. Obviously by necessity, both business and informal meetings have now gone digital with Zoom calls becoming a ‘new normal’ to people of all ages.

The ease of these is a two-edged sword. While it is nice to be able to login to a meeting in sweatpants right after breakfast, it can also lead to feelings of dredge and monotony. While it sounds cliché, there is something to be said for meeting up to chat at the water cooler.

While seeing other people in person on a regular basis is still a bit away, virtual events are here to stay regardless of when everything opens back up. The convenience factor lends itself not just to a stuffy business meeting but to fun events as well!

In order to attract an audience for these virtual events, they need to be both entertaining and engaging. Below are four fresh ideas for your next virtual event that can help make it a success!

First, consider a virtual magic show! Bring the big stage to the small screen and let your guests enjoy the mystery of magic.

Sleight of hand, card tricks and much, much more is possible in a virtual setting. Many accomplished acts are now doing their shows virtually and it makes for a great time. Magic has significant broad appeal and the performance can be very memorable.

Next, how about a virtual comedian? Hiring a comedian online is quite easy and it makes for the ideal entertainment for a wide range of settings. You can hire a comedian for a birthday party, class reunion or really anything. On the business side, you can choose a corporate comedian for a team-building exercise or as the entertainment portion of a conference. Or maybe you’re looking for a Christian comedian for a youth group retreat or to liven up a Bible study! We here at can help with any of these ideas and have a great selection of virtual comedians to choose from.

You could also consider hosting a virtual concert. Remember concerts? Those things you would go to with a bunch of other people and enjoy music from your favorite act? That’s possible too now virtually! You can have a band or several booked to put on a show and the concession prices will be much cheaper!

This is a great way to support a local act as well. While headlining bands you hear on the radio are able to wait out this pandemic for their next concert tour, many local bands rely almost exclusively on their shows to make money. So, consider hiring one around you for your next virtual event!

Last but not least you could consider a virtual dance show! The cool thing about this is it can be extremely interactive. You can have a dance clinic taught to your guests where they can try their best to learn a new dance or two. It can be a great team-building exercise or just a way to blow off some steam!

Hopefully these ideas can inspire your next virtual event. Being creative and different can help to liven up the boring routine of yet another Zoom call. All four of these are great options to entertain your clients, customers or coworkers! Or maybe you just get together with some friends next Saturday night and enjoy your own personal comedy show!


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