A year ago, the term ‘Zoom call’ was foreign vernacular to most people. It may have elicited thoughts of rushing through a phone conversation or maybe talking to someone in a rocket.

Nowadays in this ever-expanding era of quarantines and working from home, a zoom call is a common everyday occurrence like needing to wear a mask and being unable to find toilet paper in the store.

Whether its Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Team, hundreds of millions of people meet virtually every single day in this normal. These virtual meetings are certainly convenient but are anything but cathartic. How about making them comedic?

We know that everyone could use a good laugh, especially time times like these. Hireacomedian.com provides just that even as indoor venues across the country remain close or are shut down once again due to restrictions. With just a few clicks, you can hire a comedian and spruce up the mundane and trivial zoom call.

Using the excellent customer service team from Hireacomedian.com, you can easily book a comedian and not have to worry about air ventilation or a 14-day quarantine period. You can make a boring Zoom event fun and interactive and can utilize Zoom, WebEx, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts or whatever service you’re most comfortable with.

Perhaps this can be the centerpiece of your company Christmas party or a way for and your pals to have a ‘Friendsgiving’ without worry. This could be the perfect way to really put the ‘surprise’ in a birthday party or entertain guests for a fundraiser. A wide range of comedians are available including family-friendly acts, Christian comedians, comics that will not upset your corporate overlords and even edgier acts.

There are comedians for every single date on the calendar and every budget. Hireacomedian.com has hundreds of virtual comedians to choose from. You can check out sample clips and then select the comic that would best fit your gathering or event.

Whether you want a clean comedian or something to laugh at once you put the kids to bed, the process couldn’t be simpler. Call 407-728-9035 or fill out this form to find one today. Over 500 groups and companies have booked a virtual comedian this year alone. Thankfully, the only symptoms they’ve suffered from afterwards was their sides hurting from laughter!


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It doesn’t matter if you’re in a big city or a small town – we have comedians in your area! With over 2,000 trusted local and national comedians on our roster, we have the right comedians for your event.

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Over 80% of our business involves hiring clean comedians and middle of the road comedians for corporate events and working with church groups for Christian comedy. Preview comedian videos before you book.
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