Nightclubs & Comedy Clubs

Nightclubs & Comedy Clubs

We offer the things you need most when booking comedians for a comedy show – excellent comedians, competitive prices, and a large number of venues that do comedy nights which helps us route comedians on a circuit – this brings in better talent and the lowest prices. 

Plus we exclusively book certain celebrity comedian shows!  Which help set your comedy nights apart.

Comedy shows are a great way to add revenue to your bar or nightclub. Comedians bring in customers plain and simple and people expect to pay a ticket price to see a comedian (unlike bands, DJ’s, or karaoke).

You make money on a comedy show before the first drink has been served!

Contact us today to discuss booking a comedy show in your bar or opening a full time comedy club. We know how to make comedy nights in your bar work!

Our comedy shows feature 2-3 comedians and can be done any night of the week you choose.

We have 1,000’s of comedians and 100’s of nightclub owner references!

Helpful links: Celebrity Comedian Page and Comedian Rating Guide Page

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It doesn't matter if you're in a big city or a small town - we have comedians in your area! With over 2,000 trusted local and national comedians on our roster, we have the right comedians for your event.
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Whether you want a PG-Rated Comedian, Christian Comedian, Jewish Comedian… you name it - we will help you hire the right comedian. We’ll even e-mail you sample videos to choose from before you book!
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With nearly two decades of experience booking America's top comedic talent, you can rest assured your booking will be smooth, affordable and hassle-free.